Jan offers a unique riding lesson experience by incorporating TTouch body work on your horse during your lesson. Jan’s lessons are based on 35 years of dressage and eventing experience in addition to Jan’s 25 years of experience using TTouch.

These lessons are great for riders who feel stuck with a horse who is stiff, resistant or out of balance. Jan has the ability to quickly pinpoint where and why a horse is resistant and show the horse a new way to move and respond to the rider. Your horse will quickly show greater flexibility in his neck, back and pelvis and will show an increased ability to stretch and strengthen his top line.

Interested in riding bitless? Jan can help you make the transition to bitless riding and advise you on which type of hackamore or bitless bridle would be best for you and your horse.

Want to ditch the bridle entirely? Jan has extensive experience riding and jumping bridleless and she can teach you how it is done if you already ride well.

Imagine the possibilities!!

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