Are you frustrated by your horse’s behavior? Are you constantly at odds with a horse who seems to control you? Are you concerned for your safety or that of others around your horse? Do you wish your horse was better balanced, supple and responsive? Do you long for a stronger bond and a more trusting relationship with your horse?

Spend two days that will increase communication, address fears, develop willingness and generally improve your relationship with your horse and set you on a course to a safer, more trusting and more successful path with your equine friend!

This private one-on-one clinic may include: four one-on-one training sessions with your horse and two practice sessions with my horses, or any other combination of session that will help you and your horse. This work will include: TTouch body work, TTEAM ground exercises and work under saddle in a program completely customized to your interests and whatever you and your horse need. You pick the dates too!

Price: $300

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